What if you could create a thriving social media management business that consistently generates six-figure earnings each year, all while giving you the freedom to work from anywhere?

We've got something for you!

This course is for you if:

  •  You want to work for yourself
  • You want freedom and flexibility
  •  You're looking for financial independence
  •  Eager for creative expression
  •  Ready for personal growth
  •  Ready to build something you LOVE
  •  Looking for no limitations on growth
  •  You are building for the future
  • Want to attract your dream clients
  • Work from ANYWHERE and on your own clock


What's in the course

Module 1: Setting up your business

Module 2: Winning your dream client

Module 3: Market research & insights

Module 4: Creating a client strategy

Module 5: Building a 🔥 brand

Module 6: Content planning

Module 7: Content that sells!

Module 8: Social tools for success

Module 9: Onboarding clients

Module 10: Launch and growth optimisation


"This course has given me the confidence I was looking for to start my journey as a Social Media Manager. As a marketing generalist, I was looking for a way to step into a more socially led world. Make Money With Social is a very intuitive as well as practical course and has given me all the tools and insights I need to feel confident, both in my current workplace but also at the prospect of stepping out on my own."

Shelly - Australia

"Managing my the social media for my own business was becoming a daunting daily task until I found Make Money With Social. This course provided me with the guidance as well as the tools I needed to navigate the social landscape and prioritise activity that converts to sales. Now, I can handle my socials with confidence, saving both time and money while still reaching my target audience...and importantly converting sales."

Sadie - Singapore

"I was nervous about signing up as I know there are a lot of courses out there...but Make Money With Social sounded like a course I needed to do and it turned out to be one of the best decisions I have made so far in my career. The hands-on approach and easy-to-digest content equipped me with the knowledge I was looking for to branch out as a Social Media Manager. I now feel much more confident about my social strategy."

Erin - London, UK

Discover the step-by-step skills you need to kickstart and grow your own profitable social media business!

This course is tailored for EVERYONE and is suitable for social beginners, business owners, marketing generalists, entrepreneurs, not-for-profit, start-ups and seasoned professionals too.


MODULE 1: Setting up Your Business

Here, you will establish the bedrock for your social media consultancy or agency, covering legalities, branding, and operational fundamentals.

MODULE 2: Winning Your Dream Client

This section is all about honing in on the craft of client acquisition through adept pitching, networking, and showcasing your prowess.

MODULE 3: Market Research & Insights

Next, we plunge into the depths of understanding target demographics, scrutinising competitors, and leveraging insights for a strategic edge.

MODULE 4: Creating a Client Strategy

In Module 4, you will learn how to create bespoke social media strategies aligned with client objectives, ensuring maximal impact and return on investment.

MODULE 5: Building a strong brand

Then we will unearth the secrets to unlocking and sustaining an arresting brand presence across social platforms.

MODULE 6: Content Planning

In Module 6, we explore methodologies for planning engaging content concepts and crafting cohesive creative marketing calendars.

MODULE 7: Content That Sells!

In Module 7, you learn the techniques for crafting compelling copy, visuals, and multimedia content that impel conversions and sales.

MODULE 8: Social Tools for Success

In Module 8 you will harness the potency of social media management and analytics tools to streamline workflows and optimise performance.

MODULE 9: Onboarding Clients

In this module you will master the onboarding process, setting clear expectations, and forging robust client relationships from the get-go.

MODULE 10: LAUNCH & Growth Optimisation

Finally, in this module, you will bring everything you have learned together into action. You will have all the skills to execute exciting social media campaigns, optimise performance through data and analysis, and win new clients!

Imagine this:

  • Be the BOSS
  • Work from anywhere 🏝️
  • Choose your own hours
  • Balance work and hobbies
  • Nurture your side hustle
  • Have a family and a career
  • Truly have work/life balance
  • Control your destiny
  • Take holidays when you want
  • Create financial independence
  • Business autonomy
  • Attract aligned clients
  • Scale at your own pace
  • Look after your mental load

Meet your coach

Mia McLeod

Meet Mia, your dedicated coach for the Make Money With Social course. Mia is the Founder & CEO of Business Boss Collective and Digital-Collective Co., and brings over 20 years of hands-on experience in digital and social marketing strategies to the course.

With a robust background in leading digital teams both in-house and for agencies, Mia has honed her marketing expertise at renowned global companies such as Walt Disney, Sony Music, Universal Music, and Microsoft. Her extensive experience spans across various industry sectors, including music and entertainment, telecommunications, media and communications, content creation and licensing, and ticketing and events.

Mia’s transition to becoming a digital agency owner and course creator is backed by a successful career where she has launched thousands of commercially driven marketing campaigns for artists, products, and services. Her comprehensive experience, practical solutions-oriented mindset, and proven campaign success, combined with her calm and collected approach, make her the ideal coach for the Make Money With Social course.

Your Investment in YOU!

Total investment: $497 (valued at $2,997)

What's included:

✓ Instant access to all 10 modules each with videos 

✓ 20 Downloadables 

✓ Access to private Slack community group

✓ 10% future downloadables

 ✓ Lifetime access to the course


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